Advertising in The Budleigh Diary

The Budleigh Diary

The first of the Diaries to be published, the Budleigh Diary magazine has always been a community magazine. First printed in June 1995, with a blue mono cover and black and white inside, they have been a reliable and trusted link to the community ever since.
Of course, one of the reasons they’ve been so successful and indeed are still in existence, is because for businesses they work perfectly.  Proven by the fact there are still businesses advertising in this magazine that came into the original 1st issue and have continued without break now for over 20 years.  Just goes to prove that marketing does work and also that as a company, we’re highly tuned to producing publications that have interesting, high quality content.  Ultimately, the reader is king – if you work to that maxim then you’re on the right path.


More information coming soon!